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What is goAfricaTM?

goAfrica is a B2B marketplace that enables buyers and suppliers worldwide to trade with safety and convenience with buyers and suppliers within Africa.

Getting started in African trade has never been easier than with

Here's How it Works

Search Products

There are three ways to find products on

  1. Search: Enter in the search bar what you are looking for or browse our categories.
  2. Submit an RFQ: Post an RFQ to let suppliers find you, or get one-on-one personal assistance by a Purchasing Agent.
  3. Wholesaler: Find products that are available in low minimum-order-quantities (MOQs).

Contact Suppliers

  1. When selecting a supplier, look out for the badges that identify verified suppliers.
  2. Once you find a product or supplier that interests you, it’s time to contact the supplier.

Orders & Payments

When sourcing on, you can either place an order online- via or offline -by contacting the supplier by yourself.

We strongly recommend placing orders online. This way, we can help you track your order and help resolve any dispute.

You can either place an online order using Trade Assurance or Secure Payment services including Payoneer and Paypal.

Ship Your Goods

goAfrica has partnered with major freight forwarders to provide sea, air & land shipping solutions to/from Africa to global destinations including other African countries.

Note: If our logistics partners are unable to provide you with a solution, please contact your supplier to ask for a logistics solution.